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ANTI-SAPIEN - "Calculating Obsolescence" Debut LP PREORDER


12" vinyl, eco-mix. These are on burnt orange-bronze wax.



Anti-Sapien's hernaiting debut LP, "Calculating Obsolescence" is a lesson in sonic putrification. Hailing from Brooklyn, NYC, Anti-Sapien vomit forth ten disgusting tracks of crushingly crusty death metal. "Calculating Obsolescence" is a foul display of musical decomposition; barely resemblant of any instrumental skills whatsoever. The riffs are as ugly as the motherfuckers playing them. If that sounds right up your dark fucked up alley, then I know this album will appeal to fans of Magrudergrind, Fulci, and pioneers such as Napalm Death, and OG NYC death, Suffocation.


Recorded by Jamie Gazzero(Church Burn, ) and mastered by Joel Grind(Toxic Holocaust).


Anti-Sapien had this to say about their album:

"This vicious slab sounds like d-beaten, crusty mold covered death metal with nods to punk as well as slam. The combination is as infectious and catchy as it is brutal and chaotic."


The first single off of "Calculating Obsolescence" is titled "Billion Dollar Camping Trip" and will be out on 04.28.23 


"Calculating Obscolescence" will be out July 7th, 2023 via Terminus Hate City:

1. Ok Boomer

2. Billion Dollar Camping Trip

3. Monocide

4. Zhonerism

5. Hijos De Mierda

6. Red White and You

7. Maggot Loaf

8. Malsumis

9. Repugnant Dismedia

10. #Mylist

Anti-Sapien - "Calculating Obsolescence"

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