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Control the Devastator's second LP, Dark Rift is an exercise in heavy, technical riffs, and brutally melodic vocals. Dark Rift will be released everywhere digitally on March 24th.


Includes the singles "Rift" and "Far".


Atlanta's Control the Devastator's technical flaire is nostalgic of the "Myspace Metal Band" era. Any fans of the more tech and melodic death metal side of things, such as Job for a Cowboy, All Shall Perish, and The Black Dahlia Murder will dig the hell out of Dark Rift. At times, delving into a more blackened side of things, the scope of Control the Devastator's song writing is enticing, and leaves the listener wondering what they will come up with next.


Thank you for supporting underground music.

Control the Devastator - Dark Rift Bundle

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