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Shepherds Ov the Veil has a take no prisoners policy regarding Black Metal. Ruthless, yet hauntingly beautiful, the Atlanta based black metal group have released their masterpiece of a debut EP, "Disciples". Within the first track one can hear sharp elements of blackened arpeggios ringing out to the underworld, before taking off into a maelstrom of pain and suffering. Their attack is reminiscint of Watain's savagery, mixed with Behemoth's sheer black-death power.

Shepherds Ov the Veil's vocals are fairly unique compared to most black metal, in the sense that they are articulated and annunciated in a way that can be understood quite well (although, I haven't seen "how well" non-metal listeners can understand the lyrics). 


As far as black metal goes, the band covers a ton of ground. The EP blasts into a full-throttled exploration of violence and Death. The riffs in "Disciples" are more complex than the basic black metal band tremelo picking power chords to death (no pun intended). Guitarist / Vocalist, Darkwolf has taken great care with the writing process, phonically, lyrically and vocally, complimented by guitarist, Hellstorm. The melodic placement of certain chords over heavy blasts and relentless guitar work, creates a uniquely vivid and bleak landscape. While the melodic riffs ring out, the speed of the songs do not slow down, creating this illusion of war, beauty, pain, enlightenment, and as mentioned before: violence.


Atlanta Black Metal is thriving.


Shepherds Ov the Veil's "Disciples" is available to preorder on 10" vinyl and cassette. Preorders will take about 8 weeks to be completed, and will ship once in hand.


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