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In celebration of Slugcrust and Swamp's split EP, "Bind", Terminus Hate City has released an exclusive "Swampcrust Ultra MF Bundle" deal! 
This is an absolutely insane deal and very limited, so don't wait!


1. Preorder of Slugcrust and Swamp's split BIND on cassette with patch and sticker of artwork + Digital download code of BIND
2. Slugcrust self titled EP on cassette
3. Slugcrust "From Whom Hell Shall Never Depart" on cassette, with:
4. "From Whom" patch and sticker of album art
5. Swamp "Resolve to Repel" Exclusive Bonus Tracks version. On either lavender grey or a dark teal-green (the selection will be random because we cannot know which color is which without breaking seals)
6. Swamp "Resolve to Repel" on purple shell.

Swampcrust Ultra MF Bundle

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