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Stoked to announce this exclusive vinyl preorder launch for Torn In Half. We are teaming up with Nightshift Merch to bring the most out of this brutal release. Check out this insane tracklist below:



Side A: Crawling From the Abyss


1. Dead or Severely Injured

2. Gruesome Discovery

3. Tomb Juice

4. Sickening Panic

5. Comfort of a Coffin (ft. Pat Mcdonagh of Mutilatred)


Side B: B.I.B.L.E.


6. Animalistic Tendencies

7. The False God (Ft. Justin Whipple of Blood Tithe)

8. Lord of Suffering

9. Unholy Offering

10. Incineration of Existence


Torn In Half -Crawling From the Abyss Exclusive Bonus Vinyl

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