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Snag ALL HELL's “All Hail the Night” bundle deal!
"All Hail the Night" on purple shell cassette with j-card fold out & AHTN on CD!
Also comes with patch and sticker of the album artwork by All Hell's vocalist/guitarist, Jacob Curwen who has the following to say about the release:


“We're glad to finally be able to share this new material with you all! [All Hail the Night was] Written and recorded in the midst of the pandemic, we wanted this release to represent the liminal space in which it was conceived. We decided to approach the brand new material with an air of urgency and directness akin to our early sound, while also resurrecting the older material and reinterpreting it through the lens of experience and the evolution of our style. The addition of our longtime friend Nate Garnette as a guest on several tracks elevated the record immensely, and we can't thank him enough. Likewise, we owe much gratitude to Chris “Scary” Adams, who recorded and mixed the record, along with Joel Grind who mastered it.”

All Hell "All Hail the Night" Cassette & CD Bundle

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