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Yosemite in Black

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          YOSEMITE IN BLACK, "Hippie Hardcore", hailing from Atlanta, with roots in Douglasville, GA, formed in 2019. Eventually landing on the current lineup of Luke Marlowe on vocals, Dylan Beard on guitar, Cody Jenkins on Bass, and Mike Ferrara on drums, the metallic hardcore wrecking crew released a handful of singles before dropping their debut EP, "Pretty as a Peach" in 2023. Disciplined in DIY and independent roots, the band worked hard to push their EP, releasing three separate music videos, for their singles "Bite", "No Knock" and "Knuckledragger", in addition to a live studio video of them recording a couple of the songs. Their energy, sound and grind garnered some very positive attention, which landed them an opening spot on a Snake Father (TX) tour last year.

          Without missing a beat, the band got back into their studio and began writing/ recording their debut full length, The Pursuit Of, to be released on August 16th, 2024, under Terminus Hate City. Forged in the flames of pure hardcore, YIB have incorporated a devastating metallic edge into their sound, creating a blistering, relentless fusion that’s primed to annihilate the eardrums of anyone in its path. 

          On April 19th, 2024, Yosemite in Black released their first single off the album, "Cold Shoulder", along with a music video from LCY Media. The music video went viral on YouTube, with streaming services quickly following suit. As of todays date (6/18/24), the single has over one million streams across the board. Overnight, YIB went from a modest couple thousand followers across all platforms, to tens of thousands. 


           With Luke Marlowe’s throat-shredding vocals, Dylan Beard’s bone-crushing guitar riffs, Cody Jenkins’ earth-shaking bass lines, and Michael Ferrara’s relentless drum blasts, YOSEMITE IN BLACK is a sonic wrecking ball that leaves no survivors in its wake. The Pursuit Of is a testament to the band’s unyielding drive, recorded, mixed, and mastered entirely by the band itself, offering a raw and undiluted assault of their musical brutality.

          This album promises a relentless pummeling from start to finish, ripping through tracks like "Cold Shoulder," "Robber Baron," "The Pursuit Of," "Warmer Weather," and "Fade Out." It’s a sonic onslaught that combines hardcore urgency with metallic aggression, drawing influences from bands like KNOCKED LOOSE, LAMB OF GOD, TURNSTILE, and TRAPPED UNDER ICE, yet with a ferocity all its own. The riffs are punishing, the rhythms unrelenting, and the vocals a primal roar, demanding to be felt as much as heard.

          YOSEMITE IN BLACK’s reputation for chaotic, electrifying live shows has earned them a devoted following, and The Pursuit Of promises to channel that explosive energy into a single incendiary package. Each track is a scorched-earth barrage that leaves nothing but devastation in its wake, proving that YOSEMITE IN BLACK is on a relentless path to carve their name into hardcore history.

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