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TERMINUS HATE CITY proudly announces APOSTLE'S upcoming LP, "Liminal," OUT NOW.

This vicious new offering is fueled by the collective prowess of guitarist and vocalist Murice White, bassist Michael Thomas, and drummer Evan Price. Apostle breaks new ground with "Liminal", citing many diverse influences, and crafting a sonic landscape that defies categorization.

Murice White's guitar work is a fierce force, delivering textured riffs that traverse the extremes of aggression and beauty, while his seething vocals add a visceral layer to the record's tapestry. Michael Thomas's groove-laden low end provides a solid backbone, grounding the compositions in a rhythmic foundation that is both formidable and infectious. Evan Price's propulsive batterie propels the music forward, adding a kinetic energy that keeps the violent angst front and center.

From the unrelenting chaos of grindcore to the ethereal tremolos of atmospheric black metal, "Liminal" embarks on an audacious exploration of the outer reaches of metal's vast spectrum. The warm undertones of shoegaze interlace with a robust foundation of melodic hardcore, providing a dynamic and immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional metal. While hosting audible beauty, there is deep and profound pain throughout the record. 



releases December 15, 2023

Recorded and mixed by Connor Sobek at Sobek Sound in Atlanta, GA
Mastered by Brad Boatright
All music written and performed by Apostle
Release via Terminus Hate City 2023

Apostle - Liminal LP Vinyl

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